Vending Times is now available on NFB-NEWSLINE®

03/05/13 at 07:43 PM | Published Under NABM News by Kevan Worley


National Association of Blind Merchants is excited to announce Vending Times is now available on NFB-NEWSLINE®. All blind and print-disabled vend operators can now benefit from accessible news from our industry. The National Association of Blind Merchants continues to have the support of our parent organization to make exciting possibilities happen for blind vendors.

Vending Times is one of the most popular trade magazines for the U.S. vending industry. It attempts to cover the entire vending industry, addressing the business, legal, legislative and regulatory concerns of companies providing industrial, institutional and public vending, refreshment, feeding and recreational services. These companies include operators of food, beverage and other merchandise vending equipment as well as manual foodservice; office beverage and snack delivery systems; and music and amusement equipment and services. You will find the Vending Times under the general interest category in the magazine section. The magazine section is accessed by pressing the seven key off the main menu.

Whether you get your NFB-NEWSLINE® over the phone or through the new mobile app, you can now listen to Vending Times. NFB-NEWSLINE® also carries hundreds of local and national newspapers. Learn what’s happening in the world through dozens of special interest magazines. If you’re not signed up for NFB-NEWSLINE®, you should do so. Call 410-659-9314, extension 2234. I’ve always wanted to read Vending Times on a regular basis, but access to it has often been more difficult than I would have liked. I often just skipped it. Now blind vendors have no excuse. We can be in the know like everyone else in our industry.

About the Author

Kevan-worley Kevan Worley

Kevan Worley is Executive Director of the National Association of Blind Merchants. After serving for more than a decade as the President of the National Association of Blind Merchants, Kevan served one term as Treasurer of the organization.  He has recently been asked by the board to fill the role of Executive Director.  His 30 years of advocacy and coaching in the National Federation of the Blind and the company he has developed, Worley Enterprises, makes Kevan uniquely qualified.  Kevan has built his company from a foundation of involvement in the Randolph-Sheppard program in to a significant consulting and food service business beyond the Randolph-Sheppard program.