Randolph-Sheppard Act Training Program

Randolph-Sheppard Act Training Program

Welcome to the Randolph-Sheppard Survey program. This program is designed to run without Window Eyes or JAWS. To view the program, please turn off your reader program and use the keyboard accessible controls as follows:

Page up, Page down, Home and End, or direction arrows, will navigate you through the program.

The 'space' bar can start or pause the program and audio can be muted with the "m" key.

The program view can be changed with the "v" key.  You can view the smaller video or press 'v' to change to the video only screen.

In the event the video misplaces on the screen, enter the "v" key twice and the video will recenter.

You can exit the program at anytime.

Randolph-Sheppard Act Training Video

Enter the Randolph-Sheppard Survey to proceed to the program.

Tab a few times to access the program and then turn off your reader and maneuver within the program via your keyboard.

When you start the program, you'll be taken to the beginning. Just page up or down to the section you want.